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  • Old City Philadelphia Bars, Clubs and Entertainment

    One area of Philadelphia that never seems to go to sleep is Old City. Where tourists come to visit historic sites during the day, the young and young at heart come out to play in the evening. I hope you enjoy our guide to some of the best bars, clubs and entertainment venues in Old City Philadelphia.

    32 Degrees16 S. 2nd Street

    9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Wednesday – Saturday

    (215) 627-3132

    This luxe lounge was the first to offer European bottle service in Philly. A state of the art sound system adds vibe and flavor to the lounge while Philadelphia’s most popular DJs spin an eclectic mix of lounge style music, including house, R&B, Hip Hop, and Disco. Like attending a private club, guests enter through an inconspicuous doorway on South Second Street and walk up a darkened flight of stairs to reach the lavish 32º. Only the most stylish are invited to chill out in the VIP lounge or mingle around the two bars.

    Visit Their WebsiteBleu Martini24 S. 2nd Street

    (215) 940-7900

    4:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. daily

    This late night lounge, bathed in cobalt blue, offers eclectic Asian, American, and Fusion cuisine specializing in classic American dishes with a twist, Asian influenced appetizers, and a full fresh sushi menu. Their drink menu has more than 30 different types of martinis. It’s no surprise that Bleu Martini has been named one of the best martini bars in the city. Their VIP lounge and waitress only table service gives you the comfort of sitting back and enjoying the lively atmosphere. They also offer a variety of options for private parties, happy hours, and corporate events.

    Visit Their WebsiteBuffalo Billiards & Metropolitan Lounge118 Chestnut Street

    (215) 574-7665

    5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Monday – Friday

    12:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Saturday & Sunday

    This downtown pool hall features flat screens, dartboards and a menu of casual fare. It has been chosen as the best bar in Old City by Philadelphia Magazine. They have 10 pool tables, 3 dart boards, large screen TVs, 2 full bars and a large private party room called the The Metropolitan Lounge which is located on the second floor overlooking Chestnut www.fictionplane.net Street. The 1940’s Art Deco lounge has a full bar, seven pool tables, and three luxurious couch areas with velvet sofas and overstuffed armchairs.

    Visit Their WebsiteEulogy Belgian Tavern136 Chestnut Street

    (215) 413-1918

    5:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. Monday – Wednesday

    11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. Thursday – Sunday

    This tavern is spread over two floors in a historic building where jeweler Bailey, Banks and Biddle was founded in 1832. The restaurant features Philadelphia’s largest beer selection with a menu of over 300 international and domestic craft brewed bottled beers and 21 draught beers are served every day. It has been ranked as the fifth best beer restaurant in the United States by ratebeer.com. The Belgian owned restaurant features a full menu of award winning Belgian and casual dining American foods. Upstairs bar is open for the weekend only Thursday through Sunday evening while the downstairs bar is open every day.

    Visit Their WebsiteGlam52 South 2nd Street

    (267) 671-0840

    5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Monday – Sunday

    Glam offers a sleek and sophisticated departure from the ordinary neighborhood bar. Adorned with pink and plush, this luxe lounge serves up distinctly sweet cocktails and classic American cuisine, prepared for the upscale crowd. Their second floor VIP lounge, available for special occasions and private parties, offers European bottle service as well as fresh fruits, spreads, and cheeses. Their signature martini, the GlaMartini, is a peach-flavored pink concoction that blends right in with the décor.

    Visit Their WebsiteThe Khyber56 S. 2nd Street

    (215) 238-5888

    3:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. Monday – Friday

    12:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Saturday – Sunday

    A live music venue known for alternative and rock performed by national and local talent such as Blue Cheer, Busdriver, Electric Six, Fiction Plane, Jack Penate, Ra Ra Riot and Weedeater. The Khyber offers an intimate experience in a friendly no-frills setting. In addition to great music the bar has been called “laid back, unassumingly hip and inexpensive.” Happy Hour is from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with $ 2 yards pints, $ 1 domestic bottles and $ 1 off everything else.

    Visit Their WebsiteLucy’s Hat Shop Restaurant & Lounge247 Market Street

    (215) 413-1433

    5:00 p.m. – www.fictionplane.net 2:00 a.m. daily

    Lucy’s calls itself “the neighborhood living room,” and does feature a warm wood decor with a working fireplace, comfortable wing-back chairs and red plush couches, making it easy to relax with friends. Lucy’s includes two large bars which can accommodate up to 400 people. Outside seating is available when weather permits. Pool tables and pin ball machines are located in the front room where the DJ plays rock and roll. The DJ in the rear room plays hip hop. $ 1 tacos, $ 1 hot dogs and 25 cent wings are offered everyday till 10:00 p.m.

    Visit Their WebsiteRed Sky Restaurant & Lounge224 Market Street

    (215) 925-8080

    5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. daily (lounge)

    Outside cafe opens 3:30 p.m. daily

    Restaurant closes 10:00 p.m. Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday

    Featuring the signature 50-foot-long, glowing-red ceiling that floats overhead, lime green tiled floors and a glowing blue aluminum staircase, Red Sky resembles an upscale club in Miami’s South Beach. Chef Michael Salvitti offers a fusion menu that features “Asian American comfort foods” such as Hong Kong Calamari, Rock Shrimp Tempura, Sesame Ahi Tuna, and Wok Stir Fry Chicken. The lounge features a variety of specialty cocktails. Most evenings feature a DJ. VIP and bottle service is offered upstairs.

    Visit Their WebsiteTin Angel Acoustic Cafe20 S. 2nd Street

    (215) 928-0770

    days and hours vary

    Tin Angel is a unique music venue featuring a wide variety of top flight national and local attractions in an intimate cafe style setting. In addition to excellent acoustic and other “unplugged” entertainment, Tin Angel offers candle lit table seating, great coffees, cappuccinos, teas and desserts, as well as a complete selection of liquors, wines, beers and mineral waters. Fine dining is also only a flight of stairs away at Serrano, renowned for its “International Home Cooking.”

    Visit Their WebsiteTriumph Brew Pub117-121 Chestnut Street

    (215) 625-0855

    open for lunch & dinner daily

    The third location of this regional brew pub (also in New Hope and Princeton, NJ) offers boutique beer and pub fare. Staple offerings such as Honey Wheat, Amber and IPA are backed up by five rotating seasonals. Live acoustic music is offered on select Wednesdays.

    Visit Their Website


  • Solidifying the Idea for a Computer Game

    We are on a great journey. A journey of creativity, of imagination, and of self-satisfaction. This journey is the journey of designing and developing a computer game.

    We now need to start putting together the content for the different levels that the player needs to go through in order for him to reclaim his kingdom.

    So, I am thinking that the starting level, or level 1, will place the hero somewhere in the forest between the location where he was kept and trained in secret and one of the smaller villages in the outskirts of the Kingdom. The hero, will be on his way to enter the village when he will meet the first Guardian. The Guardian will advise the hero to perform a few tasks prior to continuing his path.

    Throughout his venture in the first level, he will collect important information that he will be using later throughout the game.

    So the question now is, what should some of these collectables be? How will they be realized in the game-play and how will they be interconnected to the overall gaming experience?

    I believe that we need to have some sort of a map that will be used throughout the game to guide the player on his/her quest. The map will probably change over-time as more pieces are gathered throughout the game. This could be achieved in several different means: (1) the original map will only have limited information to guide the user only for that particular level and mission objectives, and as he progresses throughout the game, the map can also reveal more information and etc… (2) The original map is partitioned in several smaller maps that the player needs to find throughout his/her quest in the game. This will give yet another adventure like experience to the player, as to searching and finding the map collections throughout the game play to meet their overall mission objective.

    Other items could range from hidden treasures to sacred books that provide the player with a deeper insight into his family history and the events that have occurred in the past. The treasure will of course be used for wealth and recruitment of allies and other soldiers throughout the gameplay.

    Of course he will also be able to pick a few goodies and place them into his inventory for later use.

    Of course, we need to also have some way of collecting new ways of defending and fighting with our player. So swords and shields are going to be a big part of the game-play. There is also going to be potions and magic. These items will be required to enhance the gameplay and also provide strategic thinking by the user on how to defeat a particular enemy.

    Advancing to the next level. So now, he has more knowledge of the past, and he also has a few goodies in his inventory … ROCK ON! The journey continues. He starts going down the path to the first village.

    Entering the village, no one, knows who he is, therefore, everyone is very cautious of him, and pretty much ignore him. One of the main key parts of this level would be for the hero to stumble-upon another friendly character which will give him more wisdom and guidance. This is one of the better known merchants in the village that has been around and has seen the devastation of the Kingdom due to the infamous battles and the brutal rampage by the ORCs.

    The merchant turns out to be a very close friend to Maximillian’s father, King Vittorio. At first glance, he does not recognize the young Maximillian, but after a few glances and the initial exchange, he starts to recognize him, and a great joy and happiness overcomes him. At this point, the player starts interacting with the Merchant, and the Merchant is the main supporting character that is going to help Maximillian to get to the next level.

    The question again here is what are these new key information points? A better version of the map perhaps? More treasure hunting? More riddles to solve in order to get to the treasure? Improved fighting gear? How about the actual weapons of a Knight? More Inventory Items?

    Perhaps, a new set of map will be given to the hero, which illustrates some hidden passageway to the internal kingdom. Also, the marked-up locations of points of interest. Throughout the journey, we may come across some hostility from other character classes. This is where the hero needs to show his ability to defend and fight against his foes. The resistance could be of the Barbarian Class.

    Which brings me to the next point. How many different class/character types do we have in the game? Well, the following are the class types which I have been thinking about and brainstorming about:

    The Citizen Class: These are your subject in the Kingdom. They are the citizens of the Kingdom. They comprise of the peasants, the farmers, the merchants, and etc…

    The Barbarian Class: These are tribes that have no rules, and understand no rules and law! They are fighting machines and the only thing they care about is, looting, lust, and more looting.

    The ORC Class: The ORCs are beastly animals that have been living alongside the humans for many generations. They are a community within themselves, and their main objective is collect gold and other treasures. They will go to great wars in order to get possession of such materials and they will destroy and burn down village towns and Kingdoms to get what they want.

    The Living Dead: The Living Dead, are a secret weapon of the Evil King Maarten and the Wizard Darnell. These are fallen soldiers who have been kept alive by the wizardry of Darnell. They are the second line of defense in the new Evil Kingdom, and they are very deadly if one is trapped in a group of them.

    The Dead Army: Another one of Darnell’s secret weapons. These are also fallen solders that were going to be converted into the Living Dead, but the magic did not work as well, and they turned into living skeletons. Not as powerful as the Living Dead, but still deadly in a small group.

    NOTE: looking forward to any comments and feedback anytime!

    I would like to bring to a close this article, and I will discuss about the project in further detail in the next.


    Vahé Karamian

    Noorcon Game Studios is a young indie game studio located in Los Angeles, CA.

    Check us out @ Noorcon Game Studios – sales@noorcon.com

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  • Discography

    Some bands have responded to the dramatic changes affecting the music business by taking direct control of their careers – not the easiest option for a band that’s yet to make the big breakthrough. Yet this is exactly what Fiction Plane have done, and their third studio album,Sparks, sees them entering the new decade with confidence and optimism. After two and a half years on the road, which took them from crowds of 85,000 at the Stade de France in Paris, to a sell-out headlining show at Amsterdam’s legendary Paradiso Club, Pete Wilhoit (drums), Seton Daunt (guitar) and Joe Sumner (lead vocals/bass) took an extended break before reconvening to begin work on Sparks. “We all felt this new album should be a true collective effort”, says Pete, so they rented a grimy basement in New York and jammed for three weeks, recording everything into a laptop. “Then we sifted through it all to find those little bits of magic,” says Joe.

    Following a low-key New York show to road-test the new material, the band went into RAK Studios in London with producer Paul Corkett in February and March of last year, before completing the album at Moles in Bath the following September. “Before we started recording, we asked ourselves; what would we want to hear if we were listening to a band we liked?” says Seton. “We took the opportunity to try out things we mightn’t have tried otherwise” As Joe puts it, “We didn’t have anybody getting in our ear and telling us we needed a single, or that we’d be cleaning toilets if we didn’t sell 50 million records. It was a nice feeling.” This lack of external pressure has resulted in an album as stylistically diverse as it is adventurous, yet which still contains the bittersweet melodic edge and strong grasp of rock dynamics that’s characterised previous Fiction Plane albums. “All our different influences have come through on this record,” says Seton. “We’re all fans of Radiohead and Queens Of The Stone Age, but I’m also a big Dylan fan, Joe likes Pavement, and Pete’s into John Coltrane. We’re not really like any of those artists, but we tried to emulate their approach. It’s difficult to sell records nowadays, and you’re not going to automatically sell morerecords because you don’t take chances. You may as well just do what you want to do and have fun with it.”

    The album’s opener, You Know You’re Good (The La La Song), a live favourite for two years before being reworked and recorded for Sparks, has a hard-edged, punkish drive, and its live-in-the-studio feel typifies much of the album. This isn’t the work of a band that’s ProTooled the soul out of their music. On the contrary, what you hear is a band completely at ease with itself, with a sound and a personality that’s much more than merely the sum of its influences. On several songs, Joe relished the opportunity to “be a lot more expressive lyrically”, particularly onRussian LSD, which was inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’sThe Master and Margarita, and Humanoid, which takes a swipe at music business Walter Mitty characters. Both songs represent a musical departure for Fiction Plane as well. Russian LSD rises to a wild, free-form passage where everything falls away to just a kick-drum and sheets of squalling feedback from Seton, whilst Pete describesHumanoid as featuring “lots of different passages and shifting textures, almost as if you’re going on a journey. It’s really satisfying musically to have something like that on the record.” The album closes with an epic rock ballad,Denied, a song with all the hallmarks of a future classic and amongst the most personal on the album. So much so, in fact, that Joe says: “I didn’t actually sing the lyrics to anyone until we got into the recording studio,”

    It’s clear that all three members of Fiction Plane are immensely proud of Sparks. “Even if it all fell apart tomorrow, we’ve made exactly the record we wanted to make,” says Seton. Joe puts it another way: “A lot of music nowadays is marketing first, but we’re going the opposite way, and I think people will find the record and understand it. I like to be surprised by music. I love getting blind-sided by something, and if people end up discovering this record in the same way, that’ll be wonderful.”